Prefabrication and Panelised Structures

Pohara Holiday Home

Factory built modular home

Pohara Holiday Home

This holiday home was built for the Robertson Family and designed by Gavin Robertson from Potius Building Systems. It was built in 3 transportable modules in our factory complete with cladding, joinery, lining, electrical & plumbing and 2 bathrooms and a large kitchen.

The units were loaded onto a transporter and trucked over the Takaka Hill and placed onto foundations, then over a period of several days the extreior flashings and internal trims were completed. 

The factory build

IMG 4117   

The 3 modules were first constructed as spray foam insulated panels, then assembled into finished structural units.

The left module has a bedroom at the rear and generous kitchen at the front, plumbing, electrical and a gas calafont were all preinstalled in this unit. 

The centre module has a large living space at the front and 2 bathrooms at the rear which, with the closing of the lounge door, turned them into ensuites. Both bathrooms had plumbing installed and connected in the factory, lined with Gib and hardware installed.

The right module has a 2nd bedroom at the rear and more living space at the front.

All units were lined and primed, joinery installed, exterior cladding fitted and roofing iron installed prior to leaving site.